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Liquidity Services works with thousands of organizations in every major industry to optimize their surplus asset management programs. Our high-impact strategic partnerships supercharge our clients’ reverse supply chains by maximizing investment recovery and velocity, simplifying operations, supporting informed business decisions, mitigating risks, enhancing sustainability efforts, and delivering measurable results and continual innovation.


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Learn how we've delivered consultative surplus asset management, valuation, and sales solutions for the world'€™s leading organizations.

$3 Million in Cost Savings from Facility Closures

An industrial products manufacturer needed to close three plants in Ohio and Tennessee. It had just three weeks to find new homes for the assets in these facilities. Before redeploying these items internally, the company had several hurdles to overcome.

Oilfield Services Company Recovers Over $2 Million Through Flexible Sales Approach

Seeking choice in solutions and to increase recovery levels, mitigate risk, and reduce resources spent on asset management, the client engaged Liquidity Services to sell its surplus on the secondary market.

Tiger Liquidity Services Energy Partners Helps PricewaterhouseCoopers Generate Immediate Capital for Enseco’s Insolvent Energy Assets

Enseco was a leading supplier of directional drilling and production testing services to the energy industry. As a result of the recent energy industry downturn, Enseco became financially challenged and went into receivership in 2015. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), a leading professional services network, was then brought in to manage this company’s insolvent assets on behalf of its creditors across several North American site...

Liquidity Services Generates $750K from Facility Closure for Leading Biopharma Client

Our client is a biopharmaceuticals company with operations in the U.S. and Europe. After deciding to close a New Jersey facility as part of a strategic consolidation, the client was left with a wide range of biopharma, IT, and office equipment. Needing to focus its resources on core business, the client sought an expert partner to manage these surplus assets from end to end.

Liquidity Services Simplifies Complex Asset Identification and Valuation Process for Property Company in Five-Year Partnership

Our client is one of the UK’s largest property companies. After acquiring another business, the company needed to meet accounting requirements by identifying and appraising all assets associated with the acquired company as well as its own facilities.

Long-Term Partnership Generates Over $70 Million for Multinational Energy Corporation

Our client is a multinational energy corporation with operations in more than 180 countries. The company is involved in virtually every aspect of the energy industry, from oil & gas exploration and production to power generation. To improve efficiencies and generate capital to fuel its core business, the company sought an expert partner to manage and sell its wide range of surplus assets including drilling equipment, oil rigs, and office furniture. The client needed a partner with the global reach, energy industry experience, and asset management best practices to effectively handle its surplus.

Leading Consumer Electronics Brand Turns Returns into Revenue with Comprehensive Program

Our client is one of the world’s leading consumer electronics brands. Like every retailer and consumer brand, this company faces the challenge of returned goods. Nearly $650 billion worth of goods is returned each year globally (source: IRL), creating the need for streamlined returns management to turn this burden into a revenue source.

$15 Million for Machine Tool Assets from Facility Closure

Our client is one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturing services companies. When sales of a well-known tablet brand declined in the global market, the company needed to close a facility that manufactured components for these tablets. In addition to the usual challenges of closing a facility, the company needed to sell and remove close to 2,000 items from the site including over 450 high-quality, late-model CNC machine tool assets.

Innovative Asset Tagging Solution Helps Technology Company Make Strategic Decisions

Our client is a high-tech optical communications technology and test and measurement company. The company planned to split and needed a complete, up-to-date record of its assets so it could divide them appropriately. Although each company location had an asset register, these registers were incomplete, with some assets missing, mislabeled, or unlabeled. The company had a tight timeline to update its existing registers with complete information on all assets across five facilities in northern California, Connecticut, and Canada.

Principal Deal Generates Capital and Eliminates Risk for Professional Services Company

Our client is the largest professional services network in the world. After being appointed administrator over a company by the bank, the client became liable for a UK premises and all assets within it. These included a wide range of industrial and food production equipment as well as scrap metal and packaging materials.

Ongoing Partnership Helps Global Construction Company Demobilize from Major Projects While Maximizing Recovery

Our client, the third-largest construction and civil engineering company in the world, has completed over 25,000 projects in 160 countries on all seven continents. The company’s projects often result in a wide range of surplus construction, transportation, and plant assets, which it aims to efficiently sell and remove from project sites so it can quickly demobilize while maximizing profit.

PC Manufacturer Increases Recovery and Sustainability in Giving New Life to Employee Computers

One of the leading PC manufacturers and technology companies in the world had created a program to resell their employee-returned laptops and PCs. Through this program, the thousands of laptops from employees throughout North America were kept out of landfills and given extended life, becoming a valued asset

Surplus Management Partnership Achieves Millions for Leading Biopharmaceuticals Company

Our client is a biopharmaceuticals and healthcare products company with operations in over 130 countries. The company is challenged to manage a wide range of surplus assets resulting from its operations, including biopharmaceuticals, industrial, and electrical equipment. Lacking the internal resources to implement a consistent, effective surplus management program, the company turned to an expert partner.

Liquidity Services Helps Leading Pipeline and Midstream Company Maximize Recovery for Inaccessible Take-Up Pipe

Our client, a leading North American pipeline and midstream company, needed to sell over 50,000 feet of used take-up pipe located in Tivoli, Texas. The company had to overcome three significant hurdles to ensure maximum recovery for this sale.

Greeting Card Company Partners with Liquidity Services to Increase Recovery on Surplus Assets

A leading company in the greeting card industry produces cards specialized for every occasion found in more than 39,000 US retail stores. When the company decided to close its large greeting card production facility located in Kansas and consolidate assets from its other Kansas facilities, they needed to dispose of a large number of industry specialized assets in a short period of time.

Comprehensive Long-Term Partnership Recovers Millions for BAE Systems

BAE Systems needed a partner to develop, implement, and optimize a surplus asset management program across dozens of North American and European locations. Maximizing cost savings, asset usage, and recovery through an intelligent, standardized process were the company’s primary goals.

Sale of Highly Specialized Machinery Surpasses Automotive Manufacturer’s Expectations

A global corporation is renowned for manufacturing superchargers that power performance and fuel-efficiency for car enthusiasts who want to increase speed in four- and six-cylinder engines. A key part in the assembly process of this product is the Triflex U40 machine. This equipment contains highly specialized, valuable components and was expensive for the company to maintain.

Leading Aerospace & Defense Supplier Maximizes Value for Two Facility Closures

Our client is one of the world’s largest suppliers of advanced aerospace and defense products with nearly $15 billion in annual sales. Liquidity Services recently supported this client on two initiatives that differed greatly in complexity and scope, illustrating our ability to scale our partnership according to a specific project’s needs.

BAE Systems Entrusts Liquidity Services to Implement Successful Asset Management Program

BAE Systems, a top aerospace and advanced defense company, was looking for a single service provider who could provide a surplus asset management program across all of their 55 locations within the United Kingdom. The management team desired the development of a program to improve surplus asset management, expanding the number of assets being transferred internally to maximize use, while increasing the cash return to its respective locations when assets were sold.

Aerospace & Jet Manufacturer Utilizes Liquidity Services Program Management Expertise

An aerospace and jet manufacturer was going to close a plant under a compressed timeline. Because Liquidity Services was already an installed service provider working closely with them, we could very quickly put resources on the ground for inventory and put together a strategic plan to get them out of that facility in time, helping them meet their working capital goals for $68 billion.

Comprehensive Program Mitigates Risk and Generates Millions for Leading Smartphone Manufacturer

Our client is a leading Canadian telecommunication equipment company. As its core business changed, the company began strategically consolidating operations, resulting in surplus data center, networking, research & development, and production assets around the globe. Looking to implement globally consistent and compliant methods for managing its surplus, the company sought an experienced partner to provide comprehensive solutions, proven processes, and desired sales results

Comprehensive Long-Term Partnership Achieves Nearly $30 Million in Value for Leading Global Pharmaceutical Company

BAE Systems needed a partner to develop, implement, and optimize a surplus asset management program across dozens of North American and European locations. Maximizing cost savings, asset usage, and recovery through an intelligent, standardized process were the company’s primary goals.

Multinational Automotive Manufacturer Achieves Compliance and Maximizes Recovery in Reverse Supply Chain

Our client is a multinational corporation with over 1.76 million cars sold in 2014 that designs and manufactures vehicles. Since 2009, Liquidity Services has partnered with the client’s joint venture in China – where it’s one of the biggest automotive manufacturers – to provide comprehensive surplus asset management solutions.

Leading Food and Beverage Conglomerate Maximizes Value with Global Surplus Asset Management Program

Our client is a leading food and beverage conglomerate with operations in over 80 countries. To increase efficiency and profits, the company recently began strategically consolidating its facilities and machinery worldwide. The company then needed a partner that could implement a global process to maximize value for the surplus assets resulting from these activities

Comprehensive Surplus Inventory Program Helps Multinational Retail Corporation Expand Canadian Presence

Our client is a multinational retail corporation with over 11,000 stores in 27 countries. For nearly 20 years, Liquidity Services has partnered with the company’s American division to optimize its reverse supply chain.

Six-Week Sale Exceeds Recovery Expectations for Leading South African Construction Company

Our client is a leading civil engineering and construction group based in South Africa. Faced with a declining construction market, the company decided to increase efficiency and reduce costs by strategically consolidating business units. As is usually the case, this consolidation resulted in surplus and the need to sell it. The company identified 15 high-value surplus assets for which it urgently needed to generate recovery.

Multinational Food and Beverage Corporation Maximizes Value for Surplus While Achieving Financial Compliance

Our client is an $80 billion multinational food and beverage corporation. To increase efficiency and reduce costs, the company decided to consolidate several of its North American facilities. The client sought a partner to maximize value for the wide range of surplus equipment and fleet assets resulting from this initiative. The company also needed to ensure financial compliance with internal policies and external regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

Online Auction and Private Treaty Approach Maximizes Recovery for Leading South African Construction Company

Our client is a leading South African construction firm focused on building construction, heavy industry, infrastructure, mining services, marine, and oil & gas. Due to the lack of new power line infrastructure, the company decided to close its Power division. As the company’s long-term surplus asset management partner, Liquidity Services was well-positioned to efficiently maximize value for the surplus resulting from this closure.

Reducing Freight Costs and Increasing Return on Retail Surplus Inventory

A top-tier wholesale retailer with 400+ locations across the United States worked with a liquidation solution and encountered interruptions and failures in reverse supply chain flow of goods. There were several contributing factors which included: sporadic pick-up of goods, undocumented shortages, payment issues, and item mismanagement. The cost freight for products became unpredictable and drained the retailer's bottom line as recoveries diminished.

Paper Manufacturer Leverages Liquidity Services AssetZone

Surplus assets identified and managed across 200 facilities for leading paper manufacturer

A Sustainable Disposition Process for the USS Long Beach

In her heyday, the USS Long Beach, commissioned in 1961 as the first nuclear-powered surface warship, was a one-of-a-kind cruiser that served in Vietnam and the Gulf War, and participated in Operation Sea Orbit, the first all-nuclear cruise around the world. But as with most other great vessels, the cruiser eventually reached the end of her cruising days and was slated for recycling as prescribed for nuclear-powered ships.

Liquidity Services Leverages eBay Partnership to Drive Sales of 9,000 Units in One-Day Promotion

When one of the leading global software companies in the world experienced a backlog of consumer electronics product returned by consumers, the company needed a quick solution to sell the product in a feasible, efficient way. The client tapped its trusted reverse supply chain partner, Liquidity Services,

Leading Semiconductor Company Meets Timeline to Sell Used Vacuum Pumps

A large, global semiconductor company had 70 vacuum pumps stored in one of its sub fab facilities, where they had been idle. Liquidity Services drew on its expertise to gather descriptive information about the assets and began marketing their availability through its auction website. Liquidity Services received three qualified buyer offers to purchase the entire lot of items.

Europe-based Engineering and Electronics Company Expands Value & Reduces Scrapped Equipment

A multinational engineering and electronics company headquartered in Europe serves as the world's largest supplier of automotive components. In 2001, this leading company was in the search process for a vendor to remarket their surplus and idle machines and equipment. With 350 subsidiaries across 60 countries, the company had an ongoing need to sell a range of equipment in automotive components assembly, electronics, semiconductors, plant support, and industrial and renewable energy equipment.

Disposition and Risk Mitigation Unearth Maximum Value for Mine Decommissioning

After nearly 25 years, a copper mine in coastal North America was approaching the end of its life. The mine’s owner, a leading global mineral-resources organization, needed to decommission the site in compliance with environmental regulations and its internal social responsibility policies. The organization sought to maintain good public relations through careful decommissioning.

Mobile Phone Supplier Achieves 200% Over Expected Recovery on Asset Disposition in Facility Closure

When a global mobile phone supplier decided to close a test and measurement facility in Europe, the management team was also given a short window to complete this difficult task. The facility only had a two-month window to clear out all of its assets and a goal of £100,000 in cost recovery.

Increasing Revenue on Refurbished Units for Large OEM

A large OEM found that almost half a billion dollars of their product was selling on eBay through third party sellers. While selling new merchandise to retailers was a core expertise for the OEM, the organization had less experience in the area of resale of refurbished product to consumers or the secondary markets. The OEM became concerned with brand perception and service on eBay and consumer marketplaces

Launch of Branded Outlet Store Enhances Brand Perception and Increases Sales

A large, global OEM had been selling its refurbished products to a limited group of wholesalers and retailers via a single distributor. Limited sales channels and steep discounting drove down the recovery value for its refurbished goods, which resulted in a negative impact on its "A" product position and brand perception. Over time, this model led to further discounting in an effort to move product faster, which lowered recovery value, affecting the brand in the broader market.

Multinational Pharmaceutical Leader Nets Over $1.1 Million for Dated, Niche R&D Equipment

A Europe-based, multinational pharmaceutical and biologics company was in the process of reviewing the usage of a Scandinavian plant and related equipment. Originally opened in the mid-1990s, the plant had served as an important facility for their R&D efforts around anti-viral drug development. However, much of the specialized equipment in the facility had been idle and did not support the company's research roadmap.

Biotech Research Company Receives ROI in Record Speed for Toxicology Facility

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies rely on impartial third-party research organizations to help develop new drugs by providing services such as toxicology studies, preclinical investigations, clinical trials, and post- marketing studies to evaluate the safety of a new drug. One of the largest biotech contract research organizations closed two toxicology facilities in Virginia and Arizona

Asset-Based Lender Achieves Boost in Inventory Performance at Pharmaceutical Chain Through Valuation

An asset-based lender needed to determine advance rates for a pharmaceutical chain of 20 stores across five states in the U.S. With a holistic approach that allowed customers to choose their own approach to their health care alongside a traditional pharmacy and a staff of certified practitioners, there were unique aspects to the chain, which provided difficulty in determining its market value.

Liquidity Services Helps Automotive Manufacturer to Clear Facility and Maximize Recovery

By managing the closure from beginning to end as efficiently and effectively as possible, we enabled the client to focus on core business.

Liquidity Services Meets Leading Food Company’s Evolving Surplus Fleet Needs in Nearly 13 Year Partnership

Like any organization with a large fleet, our client faces the challenge of surplus vehicles. If these vehicles have been properly maintained, they can still bring in a high recovery value. Opportunities and challenges in our client’s industry – such as demand fluctuations, vehicle innovations, and environmental regulations – can also create surplus vehicles and the need to sell them.

Leading Logistics Provider Achieves Substantial Increase in Bidding on Fleet of Custom Trucks

A leading global package delivery and logistics provider received a large number of leased vehicle returns in its Truck Fleet Leasing division. Unlike many of the typical fleet vehicles received, this group consisted of custom refrigerated trucks for the food service industry. The leasing division followed its traditional sales channels via land auction but discovered the units were barely selling at the minimum bid levels established for the trucks.

Liquidity Services Provides Complete Returns Management for Outdoor Retailer

Liquidity Services handles the end-to-end process of returned goods from over 120 client stores. What was once a headache is now an efficient process, managed by Liquidity Services.

Large Retailer Achieves Zero-Waste Through Reverse Supply Chain Solution

A large retailer was sending store inventory annually to landfills due to restrictive return-to-vendor (RTV) policies and desired to build sustainability into its reverse supply chain process. Existing RTV policies and long-standing paradigms can have unintended consequences pertaining to asset disposition.

Strategic Sale of Highly Specialized Mining Equipment Exceeds Expectations

After more than a century of managing a magnetite iron mine in the Arctic Circle, a mining company decided to close operations. This left the organization with a significant amount of surplus used in the excavating, processing, and transporting of mining materials, including drilling equipment, crushing facilities, and haul trucks.

Valuation, Disposition Strategy Help London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

While preparing to host the summer 2012 Games, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) sought a partner to develop a strategy for managing assets that would no longer be required after the event. LOCOG wanted to manage the assets strategically by minimizing waste and maximizing recovery value.

Timely Equipment Sourcing Helps Automotive Manufacturer Establish Presence in Growing Market

An international automotive parts manufacturer was opening a new facility in Mexico and needed machinery to produce quality components for this growing market. With a limited budget and an urgent need to begin production, the company turned to Liquidity Services to procure the required equipment.

Valuation, Management, and Disposition Help Airport Authority Maximize Value for Terminal Construction Surplus

An airport authority planned to construct a fifth terminal at one of the world’s largest and busiest airports. Requiring over 8,000 construction workers and 80,000 tons of structural steel at a 126-hectare site, this endeavor was Europe’s largest construction project at the time. The organization needed to purchase a large array of construction equipment to build the terminal, and it sought an expert partner to achieve maximum return on these assets after use.

International Automotive Supplier Achieves Exceptional Savings with AssetZone®

A global automotive supplier that manufactures a range of items — from driveline products to power technologies and service parts — needed a better way to internally manage its large asset catalog. With an average value of assets between €50,000 and €250,000 ($66,000 and $331,500*), the company could not afford to lose additional working capital or value on assets that were either being sold at less than their market value, or sitting idle in warehouses.

Publicly Traded Manufacturing Company Receives Timely Valuation on Restructured Facility

A large publicly traded manufacturing company based in the U.S. was reorganizing and decided to sell one of its international locations as part of the restructure. In order to sell the facility, the potential buyers required a valuation of the property. The client reached out to Liquidity Services' valuations team to assist with providing a quick response to this need.

Valuation of a Tier One Automotive Supplier Facilitates Strategic Planning

A tier one supplier of manufactured, structural metal components and assemblies in the automotive industry had a range of equipment that required an appraisal report by its management every year in order to determine the timely value of its assets. The range of equipment was large and diverse; this consisted of large bed/large tonnage presses, robotic spot/mig welding cells, frame lines, e-coat systems, and material handling equipment.

Plastics Manufacturer Benefits from Asset Management

A large producer of private label plastic products for the hanger, garden, and hardware industry restructured its operations and had a need to liquidate assets from one of its operations. The company turned its focus toward its core business and began the search for a third-party provider to manage the resale of allocated assets. A key factor in vendor selection was the ability to provide a cost-effective solution with experience with injection molding machines and product molds.

How We Make Surplus Work for the State of Georgia

Through this successful partnership more than 4,100 items have been sold, generating $5 million in revenue and 100,000 bids to date for the State of Georgia. While most of the surplus property was sold to bidders in Georgia, buyers traveled an average distance of more than 170 miles to buy the State's surplus property. In total, 37 states were represented by these buyers.

Leading Aerospace & Defense Contractor Successfully Recovers Value for Specialized Assets

A leading aerospace and defense contractor made the decision to close a manufacturing plant in the Midwest United States. The asset disposition plan called for availability of the remaining assets over a period of months and consisted of equipment and items from a number of different asset categories

Major Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer Increases Recovery by 45% on High-Value Equipment

A major aerospace and defense manufacturing company with facilities worldwide was in the process of reinvesting in production lines for turbine blades. In order to make space for this business innovation, the company needed to acquire new equipment and dispose of a small number of high-value machining equipment and assets deemed to be surplus or idle. There was a slim time window with just a few weeks allocated to sell the machines and install the new equipment.

Liquidity Services Partners with European Food Group to Manage Phased Plant Closure

As part of a strategic restructuring, a European Food Group made the decision to close a large 500,000 square foot facility in the UK. While the site had been valuable as a meat production plant, the site layout needed major renovations to meet efficiency improvement needs. After evaluating the cost to make renovations, the management team determined that the cash required to make the updates would make a greater difference in other parts of its business.

A Craft Brewery Discovers the Value of a Newly Purchased Brewhouse

Have you ordered a craft beer lately? Are you looking for a brew from a small independently owned brewery? Although beer industry growth appears stagnant, the craft beer segment is heating up to the tune of 13% in growth volume in 2011. This growth took place while overall U.S. beer sales were down an estimated 1.3% by volume. Even though craft brews account for less than 6% of all beer sales, they play a big part in the future of the beer-making industry. With its distinct markets, however, it can be hard to tell what the value is of craft brewer equipment.

Multi-National Consumer Goods Company Utilizes Asset Management Solution for Effortless Closure

A global consumer goods company made a decision to close one of its facilities in Europe. While reviewing the assets it might redeploy or sell externally, the company discovered the information on the assets was incomplete and disorganized. Its management team requested a more efficient process to capture information on the assets and understand their value for both redeployment and sale purposes.

Major Offshore Drilling Contractor Breaks Drill Pipe Record

A major offshore oil and gas driller capable of descending to depths of 10,000 feet and beyond reached out to Liquidity Services to partner with the company on disposition of specific assets. This included 2,575 joints of used surplus drill pipe and drill collars, all marked to sell in auction. The challenge in this project was the location of the material; the surplus pipe and drill collars were located in three different yards and offered without mill papers.

Oilfield Services Operator Utilizes Liquidity Services to Sell Rig at Higher Value

A leading oilfield services company had acquired a company and obtained a specialized oil rig through the acquisition, which generated a large monthly expenditure for storage and maintenance, as well as employment for the crew. Top management chose to sell the rig and conducted a sales and marketing effort for the next nine months to try to procure a buyer.

Leading Oil Refinery Achieves Historic Returns on Auction for Surplus Assets in Caribbean

A leading oil refinery company was faced with a unique situation. The company had a range of surplus assets that needed to be sold directly from a remote location in the Caribbean. With equipment ranging from capital-intensive construction cranes to kitchen and laundry equipment to vehicles and more than 100 portable buildings

Leading Snack Company Restructures and Doubles Estimated Value on Facility Disposition in Greece

Quick $3M sale convinces global snack food provider to adopt new streamlined asset management program for facilities worldwide

Asset Disposition Utilized by Chinese Automotive Manufacturer

An aerospace and jet manufacturer was going to close a plant under a compressed timeline. Because Liquidity Services was already an installed service provider working closely with them, we could very quickly put resources on the ground for inventory and put together a strategic plan to get them out of that facility in time, helping them meet their working capital goals for $68 billion.

Surplus Asset Management for Truck Manufacturer

Global truck & engine manufacturer reaps benefits of consistent, worldwide asset management and valuation program

Surplus Oil Field Assets Sold in Compliance

Worldwide buyer screening ensures compliant sale on global marketplace for oil field surplus

Asset Disposition for Oil Refining Company

Transaction negotiated for large, valuable refining company assets after project cancellation

Liquidity Services Helps DECA with Surplus Assets

Defense Commissary Agency requires single parter for surplus asset management across US military base and post food stores

Air Force Taps Liquidity Services for Surplus Asset Solution

Air Force Morale Welfare & Recreation Dept. finds high value in golf carts sold in Alaska, far exceeding recovery expectations

Liquidity Services Helps Canadian Oil Company Sell Surplus in Compliance

Surplus assets sold on global marketplace in compliance with Canadian export and anti-spam laws

Idle Asset Disposition for Smartphone Manufacturer

A global smartphone manufacturer had idle assets in one of its contract manufacturers. This manufacturer didn’t have resources to support an asset disposal program. Liquidity Services was able to provide a solution for the smartphone manufacturer which included data removal, global resources, and asset relocation.

Oil & Gas Company Sells Surplus Assets in Venezuela

A Liquidity Service customer, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, had surplus drill bit assets in Australia to sell. We put a comprehensive marketing plan in place, marketed those assets globally and ultimately reached bidders in four different continents and sold the drill bits to a buyer in Venezuela.

Surplus Asset Sales from Consolidation Project Nets Global Pharmaceutical Company Over $1.3 Million in 6 Months

A global biotech company wanted some visibility on their surplus assets. They were about to go through some huge changes; mergers and acquisition, some site closures. They really didn't understand what they had. Implementing AssetZone®, Liquidity Services' web-based program to monitor surplus, gave them clarity and efficiency, as well as a cost-effective program.

Surplus Asset Management for Electronics Manufacturer

A leading electronics manufacturer wanted to reorganize operations and turned to Liquidity Services to outsource many of its services. That included refurbishment, customer service, and a multi-channel approach to deal with the returns of its products. Liquidity Services’ superior multichannel returns management program allowed the manufacturer to protect its brand.

Inventory Management for Oil & Gas Company

Safe, efficient surplus inventory management plan executed on offshore platforms for large oil & gas company